Candid posing! Cavan and Meath

It’s my absolute passion and mission to capture the personality of my subjects . I don’t want fake smiles , I want real smiles ! Or no smiles! I want true expressions and real emotions . My favorite photographs are those that convey a sense of what it felt like , photographs that awaken memories. Images that can be looked back on in years time and and evoke a sense of what it felt like at the time. 

A lot of people feel nervous on front of the camera (myself included!) but with a little time , direction and fun , they are able to relax and I get my shots .

When working with babies and children I try to take the focus off the camera so it can be a fun experience. Jump as high as you can! Skip! Spin around ! All these actions are fun and interactive ! They soon forget about the camera altogether and it’s the moments of laughter and the little grins and expressions in between that I strive to capture . For for the quieter, shy type , let them be quiet and shy . Let’s just go for a walk and forget the camera, let’s pick flowers , throw pebbles or jump in puddles . I’ll be as discreet and non invasive as possible.

This is my favourite type of posing.

And it works the same for adults ! 

Awkward at first and feeling a little silly , they soon start to relax and go with the moment . Dance together ! Yea I know you’re in the middle of a field , but why not ? Whisper something in her ear ! Hold hands and walk together , talk about a memory you both share. 

Of course I do the formal shots too , but I’ll usually leave these last , when everyone is more relaxed and used to the camera .

This is my process ! Xxx 

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