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The use of props! Mullagh co Cavan

Props can help make a photograph more interesting, they also give the subject something to interact with, and with children this is especially important. I'm not talking about expensive photography 'props' , I'm talking about every day objects, toys, games, flowers, anything!

Props make for more candid style shots, were we can see more of the subjects personality and expressions.

This is something I often like to incorporate into my work.

 The use of this magnifying glass created a unique and interesting portrait. My little detective!

 I brought along this old camera as a prop so Leah could be a photographer too! Got some beautiful photographs of her, (and she of me!lol) , its a great way to get the children involved.

 Here I gave flowers to Cailin for her to arrange, It kept her busy and in the one spot, which is something hard to do with a toddler! The orange colour of the flowers complemented the tones I was looking for, and I got some beautiful shots.

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