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Why pay so much and hire a professional? Professional photography Meath, Cavan and Dublin

Why do professional photographers charge so much per hour if they only have to 'press a button'?

This is a common misconception about the photography trade.

Your photo shoot itself is only a part of the process, also included in the process is : location scouting, consultations, planning and preparing, backing up of files, culling, hours of editing, uploading to galleries, emailing and customer service. 

Factored into a photographers pricing is their cost of doing business, and when you subtract that from their hour session fee, they probably don't make more than your average hairdresser. Photographers have to pay for: TAX, insurance, camera equipment, website fees, editing equipment, editing software and their online galleries. They also have to pay for prints and USBs and all the packaging they include in their packages.

Most importantly, when hiring a professional you are paying for their experience and their talent. You are paying for someone who has years of experience in their trade, who knows how to make beautiful works of art. You are paying for their unique editing style and their ideas and vision.

I studied Film production for 2 years, I then went on to get a Diploma in Photography, and from there I decided to study for further 3 years to obtain my BA Degree in Photography. It has taken me years of photographic training and study to get to where I am now, and I'm still learning to better my skill day by day.  xxx

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