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I never give out unedited images, photographer Cavan and Meath

Taking the photograph is only the first part of the process. Although a lot of work goes into this : lighting, location, composition, planning etc, , the editing is the part where I put my own personal style on each image, I spend a lot of time perfecting each photograph as to how I want to portray my artistic vision.

By giving out unedited images I would be giving unfinished work.

I wouldn't want people to see my unedited images and think that they are a representation of my business.

Editing is so important to me and I spend so much time in this process to make sure that the client receives the best of the best.

I may take a lot of photographs at each session, but I will only give out the ones I am happy with. For every professional photographer there will always be some images where the subjects may have been blinking, moving, at an unflattering angle, or the composition or exposure may not have been perfect. 

I spend a lot of time culling and narrowing down each gallery until I am left with nothing but the finest, and then I edit these to produce the final gallery. If an image isn't in a gallery, you don't need it ;-)

Here are some before and afters to show you the difference between some of my unedited and edited photographs xxx

Hope you're well! xoxoxo

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