How to download your images from your gallery

I have put together some step by step instructions to help you to download your high resolution images using the coupon code provided.

You will receive an email from me with your gallery link, your gallery password and your coupon code.

The coupon code will enable you to download the amount of digital images that were included in your chosen package.

I do not watermark my images because I want you to see the photographs in their entirety before you purchase.

I am completely aware that people screenshot, if you choose to do this, (which I hope you won't!) I need you to know that if you print screenshots or websize images (facebook, instagram etc) that the quality will be terrible, screenshotted images are NOT suitable for printing and they will look horrible.

If you have given me permission, I may share some of your photos on my website, blog or facebook page. Feel free to share these if you wish. These images are NOT suitable for print because they are very low resolution. Only the high resolution downloads are suitable for printing.

If you want to purchase more digitals, you can do this for approx 6 euros each.

If you want to download your entire gallery in high resolution, you can do so for the amazing price of 170 euro. To do this simply add All Photos Download (high resolution) to your cart, quantity 1.

Your gallery store currency is set to British Pounds, because it is a UK based company, I am currently working on changing this so bear with me. Just check the currency convertor if you need to. 1 pound = approx 1.15 euro.

You can also purchase canvas's, prints and wall art from your gallery store. These come from a professional lab and I cannot recommend this highly enough for purchasing your prints.

Lets get to it!

1. When you receive your gallery and decide you want a certain image, simply click on the shopping cart icon. You can also find this shopping basket icon on the main gallery view at the corner of each image.

2. A list of products that are available to purchase will appear. Simply scroll down until you see 'DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COUPON can be used or you can PURCHASE more xx' and add 1 to the quantity.

3. Press the 'KEEP SHOPPING' button and repeat the process until you have added all of your chosen images to your cart.

4. When you have finished selecting your images that you wish to download click 'VIEW CART'. Here you can review your chosen images. If you are happy proceed to the CHECKOUT.

5. At the check out click the APPLY A COUPON tab and enter the Coupon Code that you have been provided with. This will update the price for you, if you have purchased any additional items you will your see updated price now.

Enter your details in the area provided. You will still need to this even if the price is zero or you haven't purchased products.

6. Click next. Your high resolution digital images will be sent to you via email for you to print and share as you wish.

7. Shortly after you place your order ( I will review the order first to make sure everything is ok) you will receive an email to download your digitals.

8. Click the link provided and it will bring you to the download page.

9. Click SAVE FILE

10. The images will be in your DOWNLOADS folder. (windows) or where ever you have assigned them to be. When they are finished downloading you can click the arrow on your toolbar to bring you to the folder where they have downloaded. Click the folder icon.

11. Your photographs will be in a ZIP file. EXTRACT the zip.

You can extract the ZIP to your desktop if its handy,

And thats it! Make sure to back up your images onto a USB or harddrive to keep them safe. If you have any problems what so ever don't hesitate to get in touch with me so I can resolve them for you.

You can also enter your coupon code on a mobile device:

Hope you're all well!

Deirdre xoxox

Deirdre is a member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association

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