Harsh Light, lets be havin ya! Gorgeous communion photography , Malahide, Dublin

A couple of weeks ago I had a wonderful Communion Session.

Now in hindsight I can admit that I was TERRIFIED about this photosession- the reason?, it was at 1.30, on one of the sunniest days of the year. In Ireland we have few sunny days so I was a little nervous.

The sun would be at the highest spot in the sky, not a cloud in sight- and what does this mean in photography terms?- it means unflattering shadows and blown out highlights. Nightmare!!! I spent the night previous researching how to overcome harsh light and produce the best photos I could.  Its safe to say that harsh light is now longer my enemy and I really look forward to my next sunny shoot!

We arrived 15 minutes early, found the most beautiful shaded spots where we could make the light work for us, and let me tell you, it worked so so well :-)

And to make the session even better, the family I photographed were just amazing. I enjoyed every second of this session and I am so delighted that they will have these photos to cherish for years to come. Let me share some of my 'scary harsh light' photos!

Hope you're well xoxoxo