The Magical Unicorn, Children’s photography, Meath

It seems summer is finally here! Ive become so accustomed to taking photographs in dull light that having the sun make an appearance can be a challenge sometimes! But I love a challenge :-) I shoot only in manual, which means every time the sun goes behind a cloud- I have to re-expose, every time I move from light to shade, I have to re-expose, every time I re compose I have to re expose , you get my drift!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a photoshoot for a couple of unicorn obsessed little girls. I jumped at the opportunity! I love animals, and I love anything a little different. They had a little white pony, who was super friendly and decorated with colourful flowers and a unicorn horn. We took photographs in a tiny forest , which was a bit of a challenge to climb into to say the least ! The sun was shining through the trees, it was truely magical.

I know that when these girls look back on these photographs when they are older they are going to remember their childhood and the magic it had.

Nothing beats a bit of imagination !

Here are some  photographs from our sunny magical unicorn photo shoot ! Hope you like them ;-)

Deirdre xoxox