Getting Creative!, portrait session , Cavan

Photography is an art, a beautiful art! I love nothing more than to get a bit creative on photoshoots and when the opportunity presents itself there's nothing better. 

Photographs that capture natural smiles, natural laughs, emotions and gestures are what I aim for. That's not to say that a big part of me absolutely loves moody photography.  Poetic and serious, this type of photography never fails to stir emotion. I love it!

I had a gorgeous family session a while ago, the young girl was an amazing model. As well as happy, natural, fun photographs, we also got quite a few beautiful moody shots. Its never just about 'smile and look at the camera', true portraits are so much more than that!

Here are some of the many gorgeous photographs from this session, but these portray the mood I'm talking about. Beautiful!

Hope you're well!

Deirdre xxx