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Beautiful family photoshoot in Cavan!

What a year it has been!

This family session had been rescheduled twice due to the Covid restrictions. When restrictions eased it meant so much to finally get to meet this family and to document how they are together ! Which, was just such a privilege! Such a beautiful happy family, so full of laughter, genuine smiles & connection.

I can only imagine how these little girls will cherish these photographs of their parents when they grow up!

baby photoshoot, kissing baby sister on the cheek
family portrait cavan , natural laughing, outdoors
black and white , mother hugging her babies portrait
gorgeous black and white family photograph
mother smiling holding her baby black and white
black and white photograph of a girl playing airplane
natural smiles, mother and her baby outdoors in the sunshine
happy couple laughing, black and white
mother hugging her baby, photoshoot cavan
gorgeous happy couple walking in the sunshine, dad kissing mams cheek
couple laughing together , black and white portrait
baby whispering in her dads ear. Father and daughter photoshoot, cavan
mother holding her baby and laughing, black and white photoshoot cavan
dad and baby doing high five! black and white portrait cavan
mam and dad smiling , black and white
little girl playing on the ground beside her mothers feet
family portrait in black and white, mam and dad looking lovingly at each other. cavan

Deirdre x

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