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Capturing Feminine Energy: A Yoga Instructor's Branding Session at Loughcrew Cairns, Meath, Ireland

I love it when a branding session is natural and authentic, when I work together with the client to create something with meaning, photographs that capture the essence of the brand.

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Agata Rossini, an amazing Yoga instructor who helps women feel comfortable in their bodies, who has a wonderful energy about her! Check out her website :

Honestly, I left this session with a new zest for life and enrolled in a yoga course that very week!

We decided to do the session at the stunning Loughcrew Cairns in Old Castle, Co Meath, Ireland, and let me tell you, it was amazing. I had met a kindred spirit!

The session was so energetic and full of life. Agata is such a positive and upbeat person, and it was easy to capture her amazing energy in the photos. We wanted to show off her personality and her passion for what she does, so we listened to music, embraced the wind and mad weather and just went with it! Candid, natural, no strict shot list or plan.

The location was perfect for the session. Loughcrew Cairns is a beautiful spot with rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. Even though the weather was a bit crazy, with rain one minute and sunshine the next, we enjoyed every minute!

We were able to create a portfolio of images that really showcased Agata and her brand. It was a true collaboration between the two of us, and we were able to capture her energy and authenticity in the photos.

The fresh air, the location and the freedom of this session had me buzzing afterwards.

If you would like a branding session, where you can collaborate with the photographer to capture your voice, your vision, then give me a shout to see if we can work together ! xxx

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