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Some helpful tips on planning your Dublin Vacation Family Photo shoot!

I believe that the absolute best souvenir that you can bring home from your vacation to Dublin, Ireland, is professional photographs that will bring back all those gorgeous memories time and time again. It's important to find the right photographer for you & to prepare a little for your session - here are some of my top tips.

You gotta prepare for that ever changing weather!

Sunny one minute & lashing rain the next, Dublin's weather can be quite unpredictable. But don't let that worry you, a professional photographer should be able to work in all weather conditions to insure you get the photographs that you'll love! Don't fancy splashing about in the rain? Chat with your photographer about alternative locations/ times if the weather is due to rain.

Layer up! Dublin's climate is generally mild, but it can change from one minute to the next, wearing layers will help you stay comfortable.

Consider bringing a small umbrella, just in case! A small, portable umbrella can be handy during sudden showers.

Please wear comfortable shoes! Outdoor photo shoots, regardless of the weather usually involve some walking, whether you're going for a hike up Howth Summit or wandering through the streets of Dublin City Centre - comfortable shoes are an absolute must.

Couples Photo shoot in Dublin, Dun laoghaire Harbour

Rainy Dublin City photo shoot

Finding the Perfect Photographer for your Dublin Vacation Photo Shoot.

If you're looking for photographs that capture candid, natural moments - look for photographers with a specific skill set.

  1. Review their portfolio! Make sure that the photographer has a style that matches your vision. Look for spontaneous, unposed photographs that capture the essence of someone. Reach out to the photographer & if possible chat to them on the phone, you'll get a better idea of their vibe & know if you'll work well together.

Photographs in Dublin, photographer Ireland

natural family photographer Ireland

2. Client reviews! Check out the photographers google and social reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the experience they had!

Family photographer Dublin

3. Local Expertise: A photographer who knows Dublin well and has photographed all around the area can suggest the best locations and times for optimal lighting etc!

Photographer Dublin Ireland

Top Photo Shoot Locations for your Dublin Vacation Photo Shoot.

  1. St Stephen's Green - a gorgeous lush park in the heart of Dublin

  2. Temple Bar - Known for its colourful backdrops and vibrant atmosphere

  3. The River Liffey - Get some photographs taken from one of Dublin's bridges for a view of the city

  4. Dublin Castle- a stunning historical site in the heart of the city.

  5. Grafton Street - Always bustling and full of activity

  6. Dollymount Strand - A gorgeous beach with luscious grassy dunes

  7. Howth Harbour and Howth Summit - The coastal views are stunning!

Dublin city couples photo shoot

What to wear for your Dublin Vacation photo shoot!

You gotta feel your best!

  1. Comfort and Style: Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Avoid clothing with large logos or crazy patterns that might distract from the overall image.

  2. DON'T MATCH!! Let's leave those matching white shirts and denim jeans where they belong, in the past! Sometime's its nice to coordinate outfits by choosing colour palettes that complement each other.

  3. Comforable shoes: If you're uncomfortable it's hard to look comfortable in your photos.

  4. You do you. Feel free to scrap any clothing advice and wear what makes you feel good, these are your photographs and you do you!

Family photographer Dublin, Ireland

Final tips for a successful photo shoot a Dublin Vacation Photo Shoot!

  1. Communicate your vision with the photographer for your Dublin Vacation Photo shoot Find the right photographer for you, one that makes you feel comfortable and understands your vision. The more you understand each other, the better the photo shoot will go. Not every photographer will be the perfect fit & that's ok. You will find the perfect one for you with a bit of research!

  2. Relax and Have fun! The best photographs are when you're feeling your best, let go, have fun and let those natural, genuine expressions shine through!

  3. Book ahead & Plan ahead. Book your photographer well in advance to ensure they have availability! Especially if you're planning to visit Ireland during peak tourist seasons.

Family vacation photographer Dublin, Ireland

Have the best time in Ireland!!!

A photo shoot in Dublin, Ireland is an amazing way to capture the memories of your vacation here. By choosing the right photographer for you, you'll ensure your photos are an epic reminder of your trip! Go ahead, strike a pose & let Dublins gorgeous charm and craic work it's magic!

Dublin Family Photographer

Get in touch with me if you think we might work well together to capture some wonderful memories of your trip to Dublin!


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