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Embrace the Beauty of Dull Weather for Your Outdoor Photo Session in Ireland!

As a photographer who has shot many family, couple, and portrait photo sessions in Ireland, no matter the weather, I'm here to tell you that the dull, rainy weather can actually make for some of the most beautiful and memorable photos! Honestly, don't worry too much if the forecast isn't perfect for your scheduled photo session date!

Don't let the weather dampen your spirits or lead you to reschedule your photo session. Instead, embrace the rain and have some fun with it! Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  1. Dress appropriately: When it comes to shooting in the rain, it's important to dress appropriately. If you're cold or feeling uncomfortable, that will show in the photographs, so wrap up, bring waterproof clothing such as raincoats, boots, and umbrellas. If its cold layering up with warm clothes as well is a good idea.

  2. Bring props: One of the best ways to have fun with a rainy photo session is by bringing props such as colorful umbrellas, rain boots, and raincoats. These can add a pop of color and personality to your photos, making them unique and memorable and fun!

  3. Location, location, location: Ireland looks stunnnnnning with those moody dark days. The greens seem that bit deeper, the dark skies add drama and romance to the photos. We can come up with a location that has parking facilities (incase we need to wait it out a bit in the cars!), toilet facilities and sheltered areas. Some of my favourite locations include : Dollymount Strand, Glendalough Upper lake and Lough Crew Cairns in Oldcastle, Meath. We can work together to find the perfect location!

  4. Get candid: Rainy photo sessions provide a great opportunity to capture candid moments. Take advantage of the natural elements, such as the rain and wind, and have fun with it. Run through the rain, jump in the puddles! The result will be natural, relaxed, and authentic photos that capture the essence of your loved ones!

  5. Embrace the mood: Rainy weather can create a moody, atmospheric effect in your photos, providing unique and memorable photographs. The wind blowing through your hair, dancing in the rain, running for shelter.... Take advantage of the muted lighting and embrace the mood to create stunning and memorable photos. One of the most exciting aspects of shooting in dull, rainy weather is the wild and energetic mood it can create. Rain, wind, and stormy skies can add a sense of drama and intensity to your photos, making them more dynamic and visually interesting.

As a photographer, I love capturing these wild and energetic moments during a rainy photo session. Whether it's the wind whipping through a subject's hair or the raindrops bouncing off an umbrella, these small details can really bring a sense of life and energy to your photos.

In addition to creating a more dynamic visual aesthetic, shooting in the rain can also help to bring out your more playful and spontaneous side. Children, in particular, tend to love playing in the rain and splashing in puddles, providing great opportunities for natural and candid shots that capture their energy and joy.

So, grab your raincoat, your umbrella, and let's go have some fun capturing your memories in the beautiful Irish outdoors!

Just a side note, if the weather is just too bad, we can switch the location to an indoor location or change the session date. I will never shot in any conditions that are dangerous or would cause upset to anyone involved ;-) Your comfort is my priority!

Deirdre x

rainy photoshoot in Ireland

couple photo shoot in the fog

couple smiling and happy photoshoot in the rain in Ireland

couple holding hands and running through the rain in Ireland

couple embracing in ireland

couple embracing in the storm in Ireland

friends running through the rain together in Ireland

couple laughing and running through the rain in Ireland

boy smiling and a stormy sky

family photoshoot at Glendalough story sky in the background

girl laughing under an umbrella

farmers hugging in Ireland

hair blowing in the wind in Ireland

stormy sky in Ireland in Cavan

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