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Extended Family Photo shoot , Kingscourt , Cavan

I had a wonderful time with this family ! We walked around the park, chatted, laughed and enjoyed the scenery . The camera was there of course , but it wasn’t a ‘big scary’ photo shoot . Lifestyle photography is so relaxed and informal , you can be completely yourself - there’s no ‘stand still , strike a pose and look at the camera’ . It’s all about genuine human interaction and connection, real moments and genuine smiles (or tantrums 😂) . In order to do this you gotta trust your photographer , you gotta see each other as people and connect as people :)

I enjoy meeting literally every family I work with - I love the walks , the chats and seeing how different and unique each family is . I love it! It’s so so important to me that people look back on their photographs and not see forced smiles and stiffness - but that they actually see who they were at that moment in time ! - That they remember the sweet moments of their relationships , the joy and little mannerisms of their children, the fun, the laughter, (the chaos!) and the FEELING of that moment of their lives xxx

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