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Five Reasons to have your photo session at home!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I love looking back at photographs from my childhood remembering it all, not only how we used to be as kids, but I love remembering all the little details, the house, the furniture, the 'mess' on the floor, the style of the 80's & 90's!

Your house doesn't have to be 'instagram worthy' , it doesn't have to be clean and pristine - this is your home, where you are now and it too deserves to be remembered. You'll look back on photographs that feature those old shabby curtains, or the toys on the floor, and you'll be delighted to have them! You'll realise how happy your home was and that's all that actually mattered.

Here are my five reasons to have an in home family photo session!

  1. Comfort!

You and your children are comfortable at home! You have everything you need near-by, no need to worry about snacks, nappy changes, changes of clothes - you have everything you need at home.

Children are always comfortable at home and they love showing off their rooms, their favourite toys etc, which is also a great conversation starter!

You can let your guard down in your own home you can be entirely yourself!

in home newborn session meath
in home newborn photo session

2. The Weather!

We all now how the weather here in Ireland is, so completely undependable! When you have your session at home, you don't have to worry if it rains! And if the sun does happen make an appearance, we can always go outside!

Girl and her newborn sister at home
in home newborn session, Dublin

3. Document this time in your life right now!

Having your session at home means that you will have memories of your home the way it is right now, and your life as it is right now. We can incorporate your favourite family activities into the session! We can document all the little moments that happen in between. Having your session in the comfort of your own home, means that you'll be comfortable and at ease, making more honest and truthful images.

sisters black and white photo

4. Include the family pets!

Pets are always welcome in my sessions be it outdoors or indoors! But its a lot easier at home, especially with the smaller furries!

gorgeous golden retriever !
in home family session, Dublin

5. Home is where the heart is!

Your session will be completely unique, it will be private and it will be you.

There is no doubt that having your session at home will be having it at a location that means so much to you and your family! Be it a new home, the place your kids were born, a home you'll soon be leaving, the home that your family was raised in - every home has heartfelt memories that will definitely evoke emotion in years to come.

black and white newborn family portrait
in home newborn session, Dublin

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