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Five reasons to have your photo session outdoors and not in a studio.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

As much as I love studio photography (which has its pros too!), absolutely nothing beats outdoor photography for me. Come rain or shine, the lighting, the variety, the colours, the adventure - no two sessions are alike and genuine memories are made.

Here are some images from a recent family session in Cavan and my list of five reasons why you should choose an outdoor photo session for your family!

1. The kids love it!

Kids love an adventure, they love to explore and play. Having your session outdoors means that the kids have space to run around and be themselves. There's no posing for long lengths of time, it becomes less about the photos and more about a fun time with the family. What I love about photographing outdoors, is that the children often forget about the camera. They don't need to pose for long lengths of time and some of the most beautiful photographs are the ones documenting the natural moments that unfold.

2. The Variety!

Having your family photo session outdoors offers so many options and background choices. No plain backgrounds here! A beautiful beach could be your theme, a magical forest, a wild open field, a country road, a city street, the possibilities are endless. When choosing a location think of a place that will mean something to you. Where do you love to go with your family, make a day of it! Having your family photographs taken outdoors will give you a wonderful gallery of different backdrops and variety.

3. Genuine Memories made

Instead of packing everyone up and heading to a studio to have your family portraits taken, stressing about how you look and how the kids will behave - outdoor lifestyle photography is more like an outing with your family (while you get your photo taken!) its stress free, comfortable and most of the time its completely unpredictable ! Natural moments unfold, unplanned photographs are taken, genuine memories are made.

4. Passing seasons, capturing this moment in time

I could photograph at the same location a thousand times, and each photo session would still look different. Summer sessions are brighter and more vibrant, families are wearing their summer clothes, Autumn has a cosier feel with fallen leaves and beautiful tones, Winter has families all wrapped up warm in their winter coats and wooly hats, gloves and wellies, Spring sessions are fresh and full of life. The lighting changes , the weather changes and the colours change. Depending on the season and time of day, each session will have a completely different feel, bring you right back to that moment in time.

5 - No two session are the same.

Your family is unique, there is no other family like yours. Your photographs should show this, show how beautifully unique your family is, your connection together and how you are. I love outdoor photo sessions for this reason, just like families, no two sessions are ever the same. Ever. Each session flows differently, each family interacts differently and no matter the time of day or the location, nature changes, lighting changes and every session has a different look. I love how individual these sessions become, the adventures and natural moments that unfold and showing families how uniquely wonderful they are.

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