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Unique Communion and Confirmation Photography, Cavan Meath and Dublin

Although I am a fan of the 'classic' studio based Confirmation and Communion photography, its just not for me. I prefer to dress them up, bring them outside and create unique and original portraits that are just for them.

These can be taken on the day itself - I can come and take photographs before, during or after the ceremony, it only takes a little while and the results are so worth it, to have those beautiful portraits hung on your wall to look back on!

If for some reason it can't be done on the ceremony day, why leave the clothes hanging up in the wardrobe? You probably paid a fortune for them, so why not dress them up again and get those beautiful photographs. They'll be so happy to look back and see how stylish and gorgeous they were on their big day.

So excited to share some recent Confirmation and Confirmaion Portraits with you.

Hope your well!

Deirdre xoxo

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