Beauties in Saint Ann's Park , Family photo session , Dublin

Over a month ago I photographed this beautiful trio in Saint Anns Park, Dublin. The location could have been anywhere though, because all that is really required for a family portrait session is some of natures beautiful backdrops. Its not always necessary to travel to a wild and stunning location (although this is awesome!), sometimes even a corner of a garden, an empty spot on the beach, a tiny field beside the road, anywhere with a bit of greenery, flowers, texture or colour is perfect for photography!

We literally took these photographs right beside the car park, because it was just perfect, we also didnt want to walk far encase it rained.

I absolutely love all of the photos in this gallery. The girls needed little direction and the baby was just.... unbelievably cute! He was the perfect age, sitting on his own and not yet fully on the move- amazing for portraits!

Here are some of their final gallery, the models were stunning ! and I absolutely love the deep tones of colour that cloudy days provide.

Deirdre xxoxox