5 min spooky Halloween photo session, Meath :-)

We spent the morning pumpkin carving, it was a horribly dull day outside- perfect for Halloween themed photographs! I grabbed the nephew, and the sister in law and took a quick detour on the way to the shop. We found an overgrown field by the side of the road, and jumped out to get some lovely halloween type photographs. This wee photography session was over in 5 mins. Short and sweet. I also grabbed a couple of sweet photographs including Mammy. Mothers spend waaaay too much time behind the camera and not enough in the photographs. THESE are the photographs your children will love when they're older. They don't care what you look like, whether your prepared for it or not, they just want you . (though my sis in law looks stunning ALL the time so this is never an issue with her, despite what she might say;-) )

So despite the weather, despite the timing- great photos can always be found, especially when you're with people you love!