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Maternity Photoshoot Meath

'Empower yourself from the inside out'

'Use the natural tools and resources that you already have within you'

'Learn to connect with your internal mind and body'

'Listen more to your heart and less to your mind'

I first met Leona, Gerry and family two years ago when they booked me for a beautiful Autumn session. I remember the drive up to their house and those stunning views, old brick walls, rolling fields, flocks of sheep - the postcard picture of Ireland. Love.

Our session took place outside, where me and Leona both like to spend most of our time! Among the gorgeous scenery of their garden and the old country lane near their home we made some beautiful photographs full of gorgeous light and laughter.

Cat in a tree in autumn
family autumn photo session
kids photoshoot hugging autumn
family photoshoot meath black and white autumn

Roll on 2019 and I visited again, this time for their daughters Communion photo session. It was like meeting up with old friends. We took extended family photographs, everyone having fun together , the kids playing together and jumping on the bouncy castle. All these things felt so normal at the time, and its only in hindsight that we realise how much we've been taking for granted (damn you 2020). I absolutely adore their gallery and how full of connection it was and I can't wait for everyone to be able to get together again! I really miss my extended family and I miss my extended family photoshoots. Photos that will be truly treasured.

extended family photoshoot meath
communion portrait photograph meath
communion party photoshoot meath
communion family photograph meath

Over a year ago my son had been feeling a little anxious. He had been having trouble sleeping and was feeling very overwhelmed with school. Leona was holding a 'Mindfulness for Children' class and I brought him to attend. He loved it. Leona provided him with tools he could use to calm himself, helped ease his worries and thought the children the power of mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation. It was a very fun class in such a relaxed environment, they told stories, used their imagination and got their worries off their chests. The children loved it.

Leona has been an absolute inspiration since I’ve met her , her outlook on life & the advice she gives is invaluable . Especially during recent times when there’s so much uncertainty - it’s hard to not be anxious at times . A reminder to slow down , look around & be present. I need to constantly remind myself to be present , put the phone away , stop worrying about the future & things that haven’t & probably never will happen. I think the only time I’m ever really ‘in the moment ‘ is when I have my camera in my hand and I’m working on that !

You can read more about Leona's amazing work here

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to their home for a third time. Leona is expecting her third child and it was so great to be able to capture some beautiful family and bump photographs for them! Here are some of my favourites xxx I honestly can't wait until our next session! Thank you for all your encouragement and support Leona and family x

maternity photo shoot meath

family maternity photograph black and white
mother and children and bump photoshoot meath
maternity family photoshoot meath

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