Should I cancel my photoshoot if it's raining? Couples photoshoot, Cavan

Since lockdown eased and businesses began to reopen, our little bit of newfound freedom was greeted with nerves, excitement ... and nothing but wind and rain!

I had planned to take these photographs at sunset, expecting some gorgeous golden light (it is summer after all right?) but no fear, even though these aren't the sun kissed photographs I had planned, they are more beautiful and meaningful than I could have imagined.

My parents are married for 40 years this year. I wanted to take some photographs for them to remember this special time. Due to Covid they hadn't been down my neck of the woods in over 4 months, it was just so amazing for us all to be together again.

Besides the rain and the wind and the grey stormy skies, we drove to the mountain and had a quick photo session. These photographs mean more to me than any 'sunny' photographs ever could have. The dark gloomy sky in contrast to their joy, was just so beautiful to capture.

Should you cancel your photo session if its raining? Sure if you're going to be drowned to the skin in torrential rain, the kids won't like it, or you don't fancy getting your clothes all muddy. But photo wise- stormy clouds and rain make for beautiful drastic photographs. I just love them! So if you're brave enough to embrace the storm, I say go for it!

Here are a few of my favourites, and I'll know I'll cherish these forever x

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