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Be in the Photograph!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We are usually the ones behind the cameras. Snapping photos of our little ones , documenting their days. Todays technology has gifted us with so much, with our phones we can take photographs every day , we have photographs going back years - capturing every little thing from the moment they were born. It’s freakin amazing! But how many of those photos stay on your phone ?

How many photographs do you have - with YOU in them ??? (I’m not talking about the odd selfie that never gets printed ).

Mams , I can’t stress this enough . You deserve to be in the photographs , you deserve to be documented - no matter how you feel you look , no matter what the hell you’re wearing or how awkward you feel , you are BEAUTIFUL & you deserve to be in the photo. For yourself, your future self & your beautiful children - please - be in the photograph!

mother and daughter black and white, louth
mother and daughter kissing , cavan , black and white photo
mother and son hugging, colour photograph, cavan
gorgeous family photograph, Dublin, colour image
mother and baby photograph, meath, mother kissing newborn

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