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Muintearas, a Community for women in Ireland who love photography.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Muintearas began when Marie O'Mahony, (an amazing Documentary family photographer based in Clare) noticed the lack of social media groups based in Ireland for those with a passion for photography. There are plenty of international photography forums and groups that offer advice and education, but there wasn't any that we knew of based in Ireland.

We needed a safe place for women to share their work. A place to learn from each other and inspire each other, a place for every level of photography - whether your camera be a phone, a compact, a DSLR or a mirrorless.

And so Muintearas was born! Marie asked me to be an admin along with the fantastic Kristina Kelly Photography. Together we have watched this group grow, we've watched women come out of their shells and share their work. Friendships have been made and we have had experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

We have members who are just starting out on their journey and are looking for a place to learn and be inspired. We also have members who run their own businesses.

Family photographers, Wedding Photographers, Landscape Photographers, Macro Photographers, Documentary Photographers, Fine art Photographers... A little bit of everything photographers... All are welcome!

There have been weekly themes, where we have worked together to create beautiful art. Kristina runs an amazing Instagram loop. We have had meet ups and there have been many friendships made.

For photographers with a business this has really been a place where community over competition has flourished. We have worked together, advised each other and helped each other out.

If you're based in Ireland and have a passion for photography, please join us!

"Photography can be rather a lonely passion. It can be hard to find others who share it, who will want to talk about camera settings or gorgeous light or where to get prints or frustrations and self doubts or break-throughs and triumphs. Well, here is a place. A gathering of like-minded women who are either starting their journey or have travelled along it for years. We are here to laugh, encourage, support. You've found a place to belong.

Here are some of our members and their websites:

One of our Muintearas get togethers:

Some of the work from one of our themes!

So if you are based in Ireland and want to join our Facebook Group, to learn, encourage and feel motivated, you are more than welcome!


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